My boyfriend has the worst farts ever tonight. He’s sleeping while I suffer in silence.

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I would sell my soul for braces and better skin.

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"After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week."

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"I’d say go to hell, but I never want to see you again."

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Quick reminder about my giveaway, guys Like this image, make sure you’re following this account, follow the instructions on the image & you’re good to go! FB & tumblr entries count too, just like the image, make sure you’re following (or that you’ve ‘liked’ my FB page) and share/reblog to enter. Full info about the prizes (there will be 3 names drawn) can be found further back in my feed, on the first post about this comp. I’ll be announcing a winner soon. I haven’t decided on a date yet but I will post again when I have Thanks to everyone who has entered already & good luck to all of you! #teacake #teacakery #teacakeart #giveaway #competition #prize #art #jewellery #curio #curiosity #tarot #crystal

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Hyperdontia is an oral condition characterized by having an excess number of teeth. The standard number of primary teeth is 20 and the standard number of permanent teeth is 32. The additional teeth are referred to as supernumerary teeth. Supernumerary teeth can occur in any part of the dental arch, but the most common supernumerary teeth are permanent, anterior incisors, in the maxillary (upper) arch. The prevalence of hyperdontia is between 1% and 4% of the population with a male to female ratio of 2:1; the majority of cases are limited to a single tooth.

I have 33 teeth in my mouth.

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This was meant to be a quick warm up, but it turned into a comic that I’ve wanted to draw for a while. This is something that is extremely important to me, and I appreciate it if you read it.

A while ago, I heard a story that broke my heart. A family went a cat shelter to adopt. The daughter fell in love with a 3-legged cat. The father straight up said “absolutely not”. Because he was missing a leg. That cat was that close to having a family that loved him, but the missing leg held him back. Why?!

Many people have the initial instinct of “nope” when they see an imperfect animal. I get it, but less-adoptable does NOT mean less loveable. 9 out of 10 people will choose a kitten over an adult cat. And those 10% that would get an adult cat often overlook “different” animals.

All I want people to do is be open to the idea of having a “different” pet in their lives. Choose the pet that you fall in love with, but at least give all of them a fair shot at winning your heart.

Don’t dismiss them, they deserve a loving home just as much as any other cat. They still purr, they still love a warm lap, they still play, they still love you. Trust me, next time you are in the market for a new kitty, just go over to that one cat that’s missing an eye and see what he’s all about!

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